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Your true core is flickering somewhere deep inside you. Somewhere inside you where your true blood flows. Where your longing to chop wood and breath in cold mountain air resides. Your longing to work hard and get rested. To bake bread and make fire. 


Men like us build bridges and houses, we explore the world. Once upon a time we lived in the wilderness. We fought each other and our surroundings just to survive. We found shelter in huts and caves. Nowadays we predominantly fight time. The wilderness slipped away from our lives without us noticing it. We swapped our long days out in the field for an office with nothing but views of our computer screen.


What will remain of us if we leave all distractions of our everyday lives behind us? Who are we, stripped from our roles, our jobs, our status?


We’d love to take you to a place where you will eat the food the land has to offer, drink the water the river provides. A place where nature is wider and wiser than you and I, many times over. A place where it’s quiet and you don’t have to do anything. Where nature will challenge you to truly look at yourself: who you are, where you are and where you’re headed. We’ll be hiking through the rugged Italian Alps near the secluded Otro Valley for five days. Working hard and getting rest. Just being a man, and at times finding the boy that is still there deep down inside you. We’ll be guided by the elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Space.


Our objective? Back to nature, back to you, to feel your physical and mental strength. It’ll be a journey from which you will return rested, despite the considerable physical demands that will be made of you. Five days you will never ever forget, allowing you to clear space in your head and gain beautiful insights or perhaps even a new outlook on life itself.


are you in for a little adventure?

▪  an expedition in a secluded valley in the rugged Italian Alps at the foot of Mount Rosa. A place where time stands still. Far away from luxury and civilisation

▪  5 days- 5 elements - 10 men

▪  digi detox, time to reflect & bake your own bread, chop wood & make fires

▪  work hard and get rested & sleep under the stars

▪  no expectations, no obligations

▪  Price includes accommodation, all local and biological meals, qualified mountain guides. Transport from and to the airport is included. Price does not include return flight from Amsterdam Schiphol to Milan Malpensa


otro elements 

▪  otro elements for men only

▪  otro elements mixed group of men & women

▪  BreakWeek for young adults (17-24)

▪  winter expedition

▪  father & son edition

▪  on request: otro elements for companies or friends


Otro Elements is an initiative to let people experience mountain life in a different way, not only through hiking in the mountains, but also through working in the fields, chopping wood, making fire and making your own locally grown food. Raymond Landgraaf ,the loving husband of Blanca, is organising these expeditions with a team of locals and experts. They together will guide you through a wonderfull experience. For more information: or send Ray an email: And... Please check out the teasing trailer of Otro Elements...

otro elements expedition 

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